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    My name is Emma can you make me a zayn one?
    One Direction Sexual Imagines
    One Direction Sexu...
    I only write sexual imagines so if you are disturbed by these imagines than I suggest not reading them. All I need to know if you want an imagine is you name and what boy you want :) enjoy if you request...
  • http.dirtydallas94
    I srsly love this book like please make more it's amazing
    The Player||Harry Styles
    The Player||Harry...
    " You there, the boy with the glasses, I challenge you to play the game with me. I dare you to make me to be in love with you. " I declare grabbing his collar and kissing him.
  • http.dirtydallas94
    I love this book plz make more
    What are you???
    What are you???
    All I have to say is read and enjoy and that this is a vampire kidnap story. There will be violence and kissing scenes. So yeah please read and tell me what you think
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