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at this point, i don't really know what i should say about myself. other than, starbucks, writing, reading, singing and bands are my life. i'm stubborn, you can thank my grandmother for that, and i am always in my room, writing, reading, or discovering new people, music, or things. my room is like a very big collage of one direction. i'll listen to anything. my goals on here is to have 100 fans(completed c:) 20 faves(completed! :D) , and to have atleast one completed story(COMPLETEDDD!! c:) my goals in life, are to become a singer. i'm planning to go on x-factor when i'm 18. music, is my rock. it keeps me afloat in this insane world. when i listen to music, i drift away, and im on a island. i feel incredible like this, and the same thing happens when i write fiction. i can go anywhere i want, meet anyone i want, and become anyone i want. half the girls you see in my stories are who i
wish to be. i'm very, very insecure, so please be careful with your words. one direction saved me. music
saved me. that's all.
thank you for reading this.

☯ at last, my love has come along. my lonely days are over and life is like a song. at last the skies above ae blue. my heart was wrapped in clover the night i looked at you. i found a dream i can speak to, a dream i can call my own. i found a thrill to press my cheek to. a thrill i've never known you smiled and the spell was cast and here we are in heaven for you are mine at last. 〫etta james 〫☯

life is what we make of it. so don't waste it pretending to be someone else.