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Hellooo, my name is Louise. Some people call me Weezy, but yeah, call me whatever you want. I like writing, and I do it whenever I'm not reading or listening to music. (I would say revising, but I'm not very good at doing that) One of my favourite things in life is Harry Potter, I'm obsessed with it, if you came into my bedroom, the walls are covered in Potter related things (Gryffindor outfit anyone?) Recently, I found a new love of mine, writing fanfiction. My story "Wizarding Week" is doing quite well, and you can even read it on the Movellas stories app, "The Wizarding World".
If you are feeling super awesome, you could become a fan? Pretty please with cherries on top? And if you do read my story, please don't hesitate to comment your opinions, and if you like it, pleeease favourite and like it. It's much appreciated and I try to reply to every comment if I can! Thank you so much for reading my rambling and please keep reading!
Love, Louise xx

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