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Hey so I'm Michelle and I don't understand why people read what I write.

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    I know I haven't been on in forever I'm sorry but I just have to rant about something OK so I'm honestly really pissed because guys in my grade treat the girls like sexual objects and its really annoying they make jokes about girls they think are "flat" and to the girls who aren't they make disturbing comments and some girls don't even care which is ugh because see there's this girl and a bunch of guys smack her ass constantly and she GIGGLES/LAUGHS wtf and then there's another girl which this guy(s) smacks/grabs her boobs and she just laughs like?? I would be pissed if someone did that to me and then one day one of my teachers said something like what if it was your last day on earth and then I heard this guy talking to his friends and he was like I would be raping bitches honestly wtf that isn't even funny to joke about none of this is okay
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    So this girl in my school called Michael Clifford ugly. Mikey definitely isn't ugly, I'm so annoyed with this like yeah everyone has there opinions and shit but I feel like Michael barely gets any love. Another girl said she is a fan of 5SOS but when one of my friends asked her if she liked Michael, she didn't even know who he was. I honestly have heard so many people say shit about Michael and it's so frustrating like why even look at the band if you're gonna insult them.
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    Exactly they should just shut up about it if there gonna be mean about him! Michael is very adorable and he shouldn't get hate so they need to back off because he is as talented as the other boys.
    it also pissed me off that a girl in my class got 5sos tickets and she has known them for 2 weeks and doesn't know there names i find it quite unfair because i have been a fan for almost 2 years ...
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    Please make a sequel I love this!
    The Auction
    The Auction
    "Welcome to the Sex Auction," The man shouted. Oh fuck. This is going to be fun- not. I'm not having sex with anyone! I don't give a fuck okay? "Lily Black everyone," He beckoned to me as I strode onto...
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    Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I'll try to write the new chapter tonight I just really had kno idea what to write
    But He's Older
    But He's Older
    Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start...
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    I'm not sure if anyone reads this but I can't update there's something wrong with my app and it won't let me sorry
    Stronger {Punk Z.M} [On Hold]
    Stronger {Punk Z.M...
    He's a player,gets with every girl he meets. If he's pissed at you, you're dead. Everyone thinks he's the toughest guy around but he's broken that's why he's the way he is. All he needs is someone he can...
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