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Hello all my guys, gals and non-binary pals, I'm Morgaine! Don't hesitate to ask me anything :) My bark is, more often than not, worse than my bite~

I am fandom trash send help

"You are a human with one life, and it is up to you to make it the best life you can." ~ Dan Howell/danisnotonfire

"If you're insulting people in the internet, you must be ugly on the inside." ~ Phil Lester/AmazingPhil

“That didn’t make any sense, but I’m tryin’ not to English here because I don’t speak English good! And I don’t English good at all, and I don’t word good.” ~ March Fischbach/Markiplier

"Well, sh'you know what? Sure, I'll tell you somethin' now - I'll tell you somethin' for nothin'. That can be fixed. That can be fixed grand and handy, with a bunch of turbo boosties!" ~ Jack McLoughlin/jacksepticeye

"What's that saying? The show must go... all over the place... or something." ~ Finn Hudson (RIP Cory Monteith)

"Sorry I'm late. A black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way." ~ Kakashi Hatake

"Failure is not part of my vocabulary!" ~ Aya Uchiha

"It's true. In the ninja world, those who disregard the rules and regulations are regarded as trash. But those who forget even one of their friends... are even worse than trash!" ~ Obito Uchiha.

"Choose to be happy. It is a way of being wise." ~ Colette.

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Sherlock: The Lines that Rule the Show

by , Saturday January 14, 2017
 Sherlock: The Lines that Rule the Show

The best lines from Sherlock Holmes all in one place!

I blog about it, and he forgets his pants. Willow Angel talks about the most significant - and most awesome - quotes from BBC Sherlock and ACD Sherlock Holmes.

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  • Enby Angel

    mumbled "The boys are back in town! New story!"

    1 years agoReply
    *taps mic* is this thing on?

    Well, after a long time, I've decided to post my newest completed fic here as well as my Ao3 as a celebration of my first dip back into Naruto fanfiction in years. I sense more to come in my future... I blame Sloaners on tumblr for whacking me over the head with inspiration... Kagumo here I come!

    Read my new fic, a Kakashi/Obito role reversal, here:
    I Still Look For Your FaceThey never expected it to go like this. “Obito?” Kakashi’s voice rasped. He was the first one of them to speak through the darkness that enveloped them....

    Read it on Ao3 here:

    Please heed the content warnings! Stay safe!

    Love always! <3
  • Enby Angel

    mumbled "even more wheezing (my hand is so sore)"

    2 years agoReply

    Meet Fergie! She is one of two main characters from my up and coming short novel Ace of Hearts, the first book in the Existence Trilogy!

    This! Took! Me! Four! Fucking! Hours! BUT SHE LOOKS GOOD DAMMIT, AND SHE'LL FIGHT YOU

    When will I ever write this? Who knowwsssssssss but hopefully I'll have something before, y'know, the end of the year.
    I never keep my writing promises lmao :D

    Follow my procrastination on this project at !! <3
    Enby Angel
    2 years ago
    Thank you!!! And ya I just haven't posted any on here yet XD
    2 years ago
    Enby Angel
    2 years ago
    @[DragonSoulJess] Aaaaa thank you!!! <3 <3
  • Enby Angel
    2 years agoReply
    Aaaaaaaand cue Kaze punching a tree in half. Nice! :D
    To Kill an Uchiha
    To Kill an Uchiha
    Hitomi Uchiha just wasn't the same after the fall of her clan. Her sensitive heart turned cold and her aspirations changed. She is determined to become a master of the legendary Jade Sharingan and defeat...
  • Enby Angel

    mumbled "wheezing"

    2 years agoReply
    Tfw when you have a whole novel trilogy idea-d and planned out and you’re so pumped and you love the characters and now

    you just have to


    write the damn thing

    s i g h
    Enby Angel
    2 years ago
    @[Lozzie-san] hoo bOI is this gonna be a fun pain in the ass haha
    Enby Angel
    2 years ago
    Aaaa awesome!!! <3
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