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idk just read my stories....XD


by , Friday December 2, 2016

"She's hurt, mentally and emotionally. But everyday she walks with a smile because that's just who she is, the girl who never stopped smiling."

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    Sorry its so short xx It's just an intro pretty much :)
    The Arranged Marriage
    The Arranged Marri...
    Elyse wasn't expecting to get married so soon. I mean she had all she ever wanted going on, a boyfriend of two years, she was going to medical school next year, she has an amazing best friend. But when...
  • ..Unknown..
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    I would love to take over their snapchat, i take a lot of pictures atleast 3-5 a day on my story, i take arts pictures of materials, like a pencil and a notebook with some story or lyrics i made up on them, im telling you if i got a chance to take over, i would always remember this moment in life and also cry
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