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"It always seems impossible until it's done."- Nelson Mandela.
Hi, I'm just a teen from London trying to make my dreams reality.

~Scott Westerfeld, Malorie Blackman, John Green, Benjamin Zephaniah and Leigh Bardugo are my inspiration <3
~My dreams give me determination.
~Creativity is my motivation.

~District 11
~Favourite books: The Hunger Games, Far From You, Uglies, The Fault In Our Stars (another cliché, but I won't deny I loved it :) ), Wonder, The Book Thief, Noughts And Crosses.

~Silver winner: Different Sides Of the Dispute (Malorie Blackman)
~Winner in Hidden Powers Fantasy Competition & Scott Westerfeld Masterclass competition (one of the most incredible experiences of my life!)
~3rd Place: @Salamasunny's poetry comp.
~Runner Up in Poetry: the Movellas BMAs by @Brokenrecord.

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"-Martin Luther King Junior

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    Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know about an exciting poetry competition. The deadline for entries is July 31, and it's open to 11-17 year olds from all around the world. Just thought some of you might be interested, but deadline is in a couple of weeks so try and submit your poems ASAP.

    Winners (top 15 and 100 Commended) win ongoing support from The Poetry Society, a range of poetry goodies, publication in an antholgy, the opportunity to attend a residnetial creative writing course, the opportunity to apply for an Internship at their office in Covent Garden--and much more! Please share this with any poets you know as the deadline is very soon! I nearly missed the deadline last year as I didn't know the competition existed!

    Enter now: foyleyoungpoets.org (or just type 'Foyle Young Poets of the Year' competition on Google and it should come up. You'll be able to find full terms and conditions on their website)

    I was one of the winners last year so if you have any questions feel free to leave it to me in the comments :)
    Also please let me know if you entered - it would be great to know this message reached someone out there!
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    @Skye S I had technical difficulties sending the email so it sent 3 minutes late (00.03 on Sunday) and now I'm worried it won't be counted? Do you know how strict they are ??
    The Intelligence Division
    I sent mine around midday on Sunday (like, just a couple of hours ago).
    The deadline is just 'Sunday', with no exact time mentioned on Sunday. I've been lead to believe by tutors etc. that if no exact time is mentioned then up to one second before the day mentioned as the deadline is over is the last acceptable time (i.e. 11:59 on Sunday 5th in the timezone of the people you are sending it to - in Denmark this is one hour ahead of GMT - is the last acceptable time).
    ...I imagine this will be the case here. I sincerely hope so, 'cause I spent ages on my thing and to say a deadline is 'Sunday 5th' and not accept something submitted on 'Sunday 5th' would be pretty bad. Good luck etc!
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    mumbled "Story suggestion"

    Hi movellians! Sorry I haven't been on movellas for a shamefully long time, I know it isn't an excuse but I've been finding it hard to manage the load of work from school I've been getting since starting a new year. But hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of things and come online more often now I'm managing a bit better. If you want any feedback on your movella please drop the link in the comments (or tag me in it, give me the name etc.) and I'll give it a read as soon as I can <3

    I read a movella called 'Precarious' by @[Brooke1378] a couple of months ago and it has a very gripping storyline, especially good if you like stories set in Russia. Here's the link if you think Luna's story is something you might be interested in taking a look at, (Brooke's quite new to the site and would appreciate anyone that could give her story a quick read).

    PrecariousIn 2007 at exactly 6 pm, there was a bombing on Sokovia, Russia. two bombs had leveled 3 quarters of the city, leaving one bomb not detonated. Russian...
    5 years ago
    Thanks for the shout out :) you're the best! much love!
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    Oo I forgot to mention, the background music you've included from YouTube is also great at setting the scene :)
    In 2007 at exactly 6 pm, there was a bombing on Sokovia, Russia. two bombs had leveled 3 quarters of the city, leaving one bomb not detonated. Russian scientists proposed the idea of a creation they...
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