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"Books, just like people, have a destiny" (Elie Wiesel).

Met Online won Fanfiction of the Year 2013, thanks to my amazing readers who, unlike myself, has an amazing patience and hearts big enough to love my stories. I love you guys, and I can't tell you enough.

Thank you to my readers and my fans, you guys are my pride. You hold my life in your hands. Thank you.

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    mumbled "New (Virtual) Home"


    It’s been four years this year since I joined Movellas for the first time - a little naive girl, with a head full of dreams and a heart full of insecurities. I’ve grown a lot on here; with you guys by my side and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve made amazing friends and I have cried and laughed and fallen in love with all of your different versions of 1D and JB. But like all good things here in life it’s time to face that an era has come to its end and I’m ready for it; I’m moving “out” and on to bigger and better things. Wattpad and the harsh world of publishing has long been calling my name and I’m finally ready to take the plunge into it. I have so many amazing stories (YA and fanfics), running to the beats of their own drums, in my head and, although it can be confusing to untangle them from each other: I want to write them all.

    So yes; Unidentified has grown up.

    Which basically means that I’m now a grownup with an unhealthy obsession for teddy bears and a thousand different (hilarious!) GIFs saved on my browser.

    'So what does the future hold for Unidentified?' you may ask yourself. Excellent question I say!
    Next to having planned a gazillion different stories (two of which I’m currently working on); I’m graduating with my IB diploma next year and after that I’ll be heading to Los Angeles with @Amanda D. (my best partner in crime!). I want to be an author; to do what I love with such a burning passion for the rest of my life, because writing online has made me realize that, despite loving it, I’m actually good at it too. And most importantly, I want to inspire with each word I put down on a page or upload to the amazing online world.

    Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate each and every opportunity I’ve been blessed with on here and most of all I appreciate all of you; my amazing, kind and loving readers. If you hadn’t been here my writing wouldn’t have surpassed my own desk. You’ve been with me through my ups and downs; through the bad and the good and I can only hope that I have been there, even just an ounce, of what you have for me. If you feel like you still wanna hang out, read my stories and have a laugh at funny GIFs (you know you do), then you are more than welcome to join me over at Wattpad - I would love to see more of you over there! LINK: wattpad.com/user/Unidentifiedxx

    Oh and if you’re going to the Purpose Tour in Copenhagen hit me up!

    You have my forever love and gratitude,
    Your Unidentified

    TWITTER: @Unidentified_xx
    INSTAGRAM: @theunidentified_xx
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    mumbled "Last Chance"

    Dear lovelies,
    I'm moving on for better and brighter things in the future, which means that my webshop will be closing in August. That means that there is only limited time left for you to get your hands on the paper copy of Met Online, however quantity is limited and since the webshop will be closing I will not be ordering a new batch of the printed version. If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to leave it down below. If you are interested in grabbing one of the last copies of Met Online for yourself head on over to www.unidentifiedbooks.com and check it out!
    Louise B
    4 years ago
    omg så det først nu, har du den endnu? :(
    4 years ago
    Ja selvfølgelig :*
    Louise B
    4 years ago
    YAY! Uhm kan jeg købe den af dig her til den 1? Mest fordi jeg skal holde min ret så store fødselsdag, mangler julegaver og skal til frisøren :)
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    mumbled "Movellys Voting Time"

    ARGGH *insert loud fangirl sobs* - I can't believe it!! I'm up for Fanfic Author of the Year in this years Movellys - how crazy is that?
    Thank you so much to everyone who's nominated me during these last couple of weeks - you guys are my everything and I love you to the moon and back. I wish I could transport myself through the screen and hug each and everyone of you, but I can't so I'll just send you all a bunch of virtual hugs!
    But however much excited I am the Movellys is not quite over yet and nothing has been decided, which means that now the hard part comes into play: VOTING!!
    YOUR votes decides who gets to tremendous honor of winning a Movellys 2015 award, so head on over to the official blog post to vote for who you think should win the different awards this year! (and hey if you decide to cast that vote onto my name, I will love you forever and ever to the moon and back - and I might quite possibly come up with a little surprise for y'all!)
    You have until February 28th to get your votes in!!

    Movellys 2015 - Which Winners will...

    by Dreadnought, Monday February 15, 2016
    And the nominees are... Here are who you have all chosen to move on!
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    @[Amanda D.] fordi hendes historier altid byder på den perfekte kombination af drama, kærlighed, skænderier, mean girls, og cuteness (som totalt er et ord nu). Amanda har bidraget med hit efter hit efter hit, som gang på gang er ligeså besættende som de der kom før. Hendes karakterer er on point og hendes plot lines er altid til at smelte over. I 2015 har Amanda introduceret sine fans på movellas for Insanely Insane som byder på den perfekte rutschebane af følelser. Amanda fortjener uden tvivl denne pris!!
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