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    mumbled "UPDATE"

    So guys... I know it's been forever, but I've been not only writing EIDS, but I've also started a couple of new stories. One Is also AI/LH and it's called Wherever You are... and the second one is an LH AU and it's called Something a Little Different. SO uhm, I'll post an update to EIDS and The Blurb to WYA today, and I won't actually start posting chapters until EIDS almost over. So look out for those and I hope you all enjoy and get excited for the new stories.
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    mumbled "AHHHHH"

    sorry It's been so long i've been overwhelmed with school work, but a new years resolution was to write at least a little bit everynight, and so I just finished writing chapter 18... and it will be up in just a minute
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    mumbled "Silly Girl"

    Silly Girl

    Why would you
    fall in Love
    with someone
    who will never love you back?

    Silly Girl

    To think that
    you actually
    have a chance?

    Silly, Silly Girl

    you are just another
    fan to him
    he means the world to


    but to him
    you are
    but a

    silly Girl
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    If you like the story, please review, Chapter 17 will not be posted without at least 1 more review. Sorry, Tori xx
    Everything I Didn't Say
    Everything I Didn'...
    This story is mostly about Ashton and Luke (not Lashton) how they struggle with dating two girls from UCLA.
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