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15 years old (Bet them bitties didn't know they was fussing with a baby 2 years ago lmao)

I'm a fucking amazing person and you can tell me no different!

I write what I want and I read what I want. Don't like it? I could care less.

I stopped caring about other's opinions because they started to sound stupid tbh.

Bernie Sander's wife lmao
Kylie is my bittie
Jordyyy is my bby
Zayn is my daddy
Harry is my lover
Niall is my everything

Freddie Reign Tomlinson

Bria Jungwirth freakin slays<3

Wattpad- @Harryismeh_daddy orr ZaddyZaynxx orr 50_shades_of_love

FMOIG- @lol.urnot.troyesivan *my edit account duhhh*

Love you guys and maybe one day I'll edit the horrid story that is 14 and pregnant. Everytime I read it I cringe lolol I'm crineee