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15 years old (Bet them bitties didn't know they was fussing with a baby 2 years ago lmao)

I'm a fucking amazing person and you can tell me no different!

I write what I want and I read what I want. Don't like it? I could care less.

I stopped caring about other's opinions because they started to sound stupid tbh.

Bernie Sander's wife lmao
Kylie is my bittie
Jordyyy is my bby
Zayn is my daddy
Harry is my lover
Niall is my everything

Freddie Reign Tomlinson

Bria Jungwirth freakin slays<3

Wattpad- @Harryismeh_daddy orr ZaddyZaynxx orr 50_shades_of_love

FMOIG- @lol.urnot.troyesivan *my edit account duhhh*

Love you guys and maybe one day I'll edit the horrid story that is 14 and pregnant. Everytime I read it I cringe lolol I'm crineee

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    mumbled "I kinda missed Movellas"

    When I left Movellas I began to get more engrossed into the world of writing and I became a better writer. Over the last few years my life hasn't changed much. I've gone to a One Direction concert, I've been screwed over, and I've started high school. I've started thinking about college and future jobs and I've met guys that I really like. Nothing has really changed. My father is no longer in the army and I live part-time in texas and my second dog died. My birthday is in 2 months and yea... That's it.

    Also, if you wanna read any of my new books they are on wattpad.

    Check out my accounts: Harryismeh_daddy and Zaddyzaynxx I'm more into writing Harry and Zayn fanfics (if you couldn't tell by the account names lol) and I no longer write or read Niall fanfictions.
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    mumbled "OMFG AM I BACK?"

    Oh my lord! I can't believe I'm actually back on this account like this brings back so many memories!! I used to love writing on this website but then I hated it bc back then there were so many hypocrites and rude people who don't understand why people do things. For anyone who wanted to know, I mainly wrote about teen pregnancy because that's mainly all I know. I have friends who have had a child and are young and everyone except my parents have had a child while young. Hell, my cousin had her first born when she was 13. Back when I wrote '14 and pregnant' I was thinking about so many different things. I was thinking about a friend who had recently had a baby and about my family members but I don't think that I should've gotten all the sh*t I did for a book that was mine. I also wrote a book about a boy named Craig and one direction and literally that book was a joke bc I wrote it for my best friend and told him I'd put a sex scene in it just to joke around but everything was thrown far out of proportion and like it got to the point where I cried whenever I got onto this website so I decded to quiet movellas and return to Wattpad. I'm not back I just thought explaining that would be nice haha
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    mumbled "I'm done with..."

    Hey guys. This is the last mumble I will have on this account. I'm starting a new account and transferring my book baby girl over to that one. I'm gonna leave 14 and pregnant up and the sequel but I'm starting over. Go follow my newer account 'freedom_stalker' where I'll continue writing
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