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Hello, people of this seemingly rather pleasant online community, and welcome to my page!
I am totorolover33, which as you've probably already concised is not my real name. I have the fantasy that none of my 'online friends' will know my real name until it is on the cover of a book.
Which could be unlikely, as I am a procrastinator.
In any case, this is the internet, where I usually go as 'Toto' or 'Totoro'.
My spare time is consumed by writing, eating, talking to my family and real-life friends (yes, despite being an introverted nerd I do have two or three close acquaintances), talking to my online friends (mostly made on the NaNoWrimo forums), writing, eating, procrastinating, writing, drinking and making cups of tea, watching anime, reading manga, writing, discussing very serious matters with my cat, reading, writing, thinking stuff like 'I wish I had a horse,' and 'I need another hat,' wearing hats, talking to my characters, and writing...with a heavy dose of procrastination added in.
My personality type is INFP, in case you were interested. I like personality quizzes, they make me feel like I somehow know myself better :p Aaaaand I shall stop rambling, before you all start banging your heads on the keyboard and accidentally delete everything you've ever written. HAPPY DAYS! :D

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    mumbled "Weird."

    It's so weird being here. I haven't been here in a long, long time. I kind of got into other sites (although I know I was never a very active member here in the first place).

    Things change. When I created this account, I was in some ways very different and in some ways very similar to how I am now, and whilst looking at it isn't nostalgic persay, it's certainly dredging up a few memories.

    I'm not sure whether to delete my book reviews or not: my opinions on the books haven't changed an awful lot (although I'd probably drop the Hunger Games down to four stars because the first book in the trilogy is the only one I'd say is actually *exceptional*, the other two are just good) and neither has my writing style, but I feel like I came off as a bit of a pretentious brat overall. I'm not sure if a 13-14 year old girl quite has the right to judge things written by adults, but hey, that's the internet for you.

    Hm. Honestly, I just felt like chatting here, and maybe creating something close to closure (I wouldn't say I was leaving the site, because I was never really a frequenter in the first place, and I might pop back once in a blue moon, but I do feel like these changes are worth pointing out).

    See y'all!
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    Unveiling the magic
    Unveiling the magi...
    When ash wakes up after a nightmare he doesn't know it was a distant memory from a world where he born, but when someone threatens the people he loves will he leave everything behind and return....
    8 years ago
    Oh, and I like the new chapter ;)
    8 years ago
    :) thanks I have to check out your book reviews
    8 years ago
    Yeah, you HAVE to xD
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    DRAMA :O
    Thanks for the new chapter! Keep writing!
    Don't change
    Don't change
    I was tired of being the geek, the loner, the fat one. I wanted more than one friend. I wanted to be popular, pretty, sexy. So I got a makeover..
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