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Hey guys!! I'm a directioner and I like manga and etc. I love my fans a lot so plz fan ;) also my b-day is June 12 and I fan back my fans��


    mumbled "im cringe."

    i just read my "book" i wrote a billion years ago and oh my god is it cringe. i only improved on the last chapter and its still isn't good. I'm kind of glad i left movellas. but now that I'm back i have no idea how to use the app or website

    mumbled "help? XD"

    i don't think i can change much :? I'm fucked. oh whale . follow me on watt pad??? heh
    @QueenOfTheDead7 (I've moved from one direction to underground trap music lmao soooooo
    3 years ago
    but honestly follow me on wattpad because I'm active on there even tho i deleted all my cringe stories. but soon to come :)

    mumbled "guess whose back, back again"

    Guess whose back.... after like 3412985778234 years. jesus christ does anyone still remember me ����. wth was i doing on here at 11 years old. i feel so mature :? which is weird. Im cringinging so weird ahhhh. anyways where the hell have u been for 3 years? on wattpad, faking depression til i actually got it, and a whole lotta other things. Now I'm heartbroken and lonely lmao. now that I'm back ill probably be writing decent stories and changing "directionor_202"
    you'll be hearing more of me soon :3
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