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Hey! I'm just your ordinary person who's obsessed with literally everything and everyone in the ENTIRE WORLD.

I love Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Dan and Phil, Sam Tsui, CHRIS COLFER, How To Train Your Dragon, Disney, Supernatural, Maze Runner, YouTube... Basically everything.

I also love to write. I write mostly fanfiction, but I do write some other stories that I actually make up the ideas for. Doesn't happen very often.

Oh, and yes, I was previous DanceLine13, but I deactivated because I didn't do ANYTHING on my account, but I promise not to do this again because I really missed this :)


  • TheUltimateFangirl2002

    mumbled "I can't"

    This was the first time I heard her sing. I refuse to believe that she's freaking dead, even though this is a day late. I've cried like 15 times because of it and just got set off because of freaking Castaway. I hate this world that we live in. How many people have to get shot for us to understand that WE NEED GUN CONTROL?! I'm trying not to rant, but I literally don't understand how in gods name someone can do something like this.

    R.I.P Christina. We'll never forget you and always love you.
    Dragon rider fangirl
    No, it's okay to rant, it's a terrible thing that happened
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