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I write fanfictions, love certain types of shows & movies (especially Marvel & some DC) & some fiction books. If you follow me then I will follow you back. Simple as that and I hope you enjoy my stories XD

Favorite Bands:
Breaking Benjamin
Five Finger Death Punch
Avenged Sevenfold
Three Days Grace
Sixx A.M.
Drowning Pool
(And many more)

Favorite Movies:
All Marvel Movies (Especially The Punisher & DEADPOOL)
Most DC Movies
The Lord of the Rings Series
The Hobbit Series
Transformers Series (Not as much now as I did when I was a kid)
Beyond Skyline
All Unmarked Marvel Movies (e.g. Blade, The Punisher, Daredevil, Elektra, etc.)

Favorite Shows:
The Punisher
The Walking Dead
Once Upon A Time
The Flash
Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Favorite Games:
TES 5 Skyrim
TES 4 Oblivion
Titanfall 2
Fallout 4
Elder Scrolls Online
7 Days to Die
Third Age Total War
Halo Series

Favorite Books:
Percy Jackson Series
Heroes of Olympus Series

Magic the Gathering
Fictional Stuff

  • Random Leo

    mumbled "Writer's Block"

    2 years agoReply
    UGH The stupid f***ing moment when you want to start writing your badass fictional story and yet you have no friggin clue how to start it off. UUUGGGGHHH DX RIP
    2 years ago
    awwww you'll get it and plus I usually get my inspiration at the worst of times lol
    Random Leo
    2 years ago
    Lol same though
    Random Leo
    2 years ago
    But no need to worry lol I figured out how to start it XD
  • Random Leo

    mumbled "RANT/VENT (Warning: There is profanity)"

    3 years agoReply
    I am absolutely fucking PISSED. I swear to god, nothing gets me more heated than just simply talking to my mom. She's not abusive like some of them are but GOD what I would give to rather have an abusive mother than the most annoying mother in the world. She absolutely will NOT leave me the fuck alone. "Why don't you just tell her to leave you alone?" You might ask. Well if I do then that bitch will just fucking be the whiney ass bitch that she is and message everyone in my entire family and post about it on social media. Which would be great on one hand because finally EVERYBODY (over-exaggeration) would know exactly how I feel about her. But sadly on the other hand every one of her friends would feel bad for her and get all mopey and just be whiney ass bitches like her and get on my ass all over social media and my family would be spamming me about the things I would have said to my mother and about how I should be more caring and show at least some love since she's my mother. I DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS. I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT THE SHIT SHE DID FOR ME OR HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT ME. NO FUCKING SHITS WHAT SO EVER. Yes I am aware she sacrificed a lot for me but that all got washed away when she fucking thought that she ruled my life with being able to text me whenever the fuck she wants in hopes of a happy ass reply from me, she says that she gives me a choice but whenever I pick MY OWN choice she fucking decides that it ain't good enough for her liking and she's gotta go and fucking rule out my free opinion. She tries to make me into someone I'm not because she just can't fucking be happy with who I grew up to be. My feelings for here are everything you've just read but increased by tenfold. What's done is done so please nobody try and tell me that she's my mother and I should still care for her. Bullshit. Love can only go so far when it's one sided. Family or not. There. My ranting is done. Peace
    Oh Deer I'm Queer
    its not that my mom lies, its that she refuses to tell me ANYTHING. u see, i never met my bio dad, and every time I bring him up, she changes the topic immediately. Well, i guess mom does lie to me about her "not" smoking, how my uncle died, etc. etc. I have a little bro who knows what his dad looks like, what his name is, and where he is now. (Yes, we have seperate dads.) And that makes me so fucking pissed. WHY U NO TELL ME INFO?!
    Random Leo
    3 years ago
    Wow. What a fucking bitch. No offense. But I understand that as well. My mom always treats me like a fucking child and thinks that I don't deserve answers to the simplest questions that I ask and that's just another thing that fucking pissed me off.
    Oh Deer I'm Queer
    Ikr? And no offense taken. I think the exact same thing of her. When I mentioned this problem to my friends, they all told me, "She's your mother! Love her for what she does for you!" But thats so fucking hard when she keeps everything about my life a secret.
  • Random Leo
    3 years agoReply
    @[Emily Jane Walters] Thank you! I've actually been VERY busy lately and have been having lots of trouble getting any writing done. I will publish ASAP along with a few other stories I'm currently in the process of writing
    The Lord of the Rings: The Rise of the Necromancer
    The Lord of the...
    Luke and Skye. Twin siblings who wanted nothing but an ordinary life. But during the event of a Solar Eclipse, their lives will change forever. As the siblings continue on what seems to be a normal day,...
  • Random Leo

    mumbled "REDO!!!"

    3 years agoReply
    Well, during my unexpectedly long absence, I have been working MAJORLY to redo and fix on of my most favorite stories I'm working. I am aware that I am currently in the process of multiple other stories, but I'm forcing myself to cut off all inspirational ideas for stories so i can focus on finishing my current ones lol The New Era shall return! Also, side note, she doesn't use Movellas but one of my friends is the one responsible for getting me back into the writing mood so fast lol So major credit to my secret helper XD
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