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I am Eyeless Jack Junior: Eyeless Jack's little brother. But soon I shall be EyeLess Jack.

You see, there is a time where everyone- even insane, mad serial killers such as EyeLess Jack- dies. And when he dies, I shall take his place and his role. A new generation. :D

I hope I explained that well.

But SlenderMan won't ever be replaced. He is immortal. He has seen almost everything.

I like "human food": such as cheesecake. Hoody and Masky wouldn't stop bugging me unless I tried it. I can see why Humans like it. But since it is so fattening, every time I eat one slice Slender makes me do 100 reps and practice my fighting with Jeff for 20 hours straight, so I won't slow down or gain weight. So that is why I stick to kidneys and liver. :D

I am into what you would call Metal. I am a pretty good screamer too. ;D

I like to kill and scared. :3

Don't piss me off, and you won't die. :D

Oh! And just call me E.J. ;)

  • The_Next_EyeLess_Jack

    OOC: Okie guys

    So I'm kind of re-vamping this group because why not? I could use a few good roleplays and chats every now and then, I'm sure you could as well. Just don't fight with anyone OOC. Take that somewhere else.

    Other than that, this group is for you to do what you please! Just remember that it's all about le creepy pastas and horrror! Of course I wouldn't mind seeing different kinds of genres being added into roleplays. I like shipping people and adventures. cx

  • The_Next_EyeLess_Jack

    mumbled " OOC: He's Dying - Revamp"

    I think my part is coming along nicely. I'm very excited to finish it and publish.

    BTW: I am going to go more into my character, confused Little Eyeless. OOC will be when I'm talking Out Of Character or about the book. IC Will be In Character. cx
    I don't even have that many followers, so I don't know why I think this'll be important to people, but ya know. xD
    A Child of the Madness
    Eh it's fine. Do what feels you, Jackie.
  • The_Next_EyeLess_Jack

    mumbled "Now that I think about it..."

    I don't think my style of killing is the same as big brother's... I'm pretty different actually.

    I don't think I want to be called Eyeless Jack Junior now. But what should I be called?
    A Child of the Madness
    EJ still works, ehm...hehehe... Jackie....Little Eyeless....several things...just around with it a little.
    But I don't know if I want to go by Eyeless Jack Junior or any alterations of it.
    I don't know. I feel like I need a change of pace.
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