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Welcome to The Inteligence Division.

I'm a founding member and managing director of art collective Unredacted Productions. Find out more about us here:

Thoughts on any of my work? I'd love to hear them. Use any form on this site or drop me an email via the address below.
Email me at:

Best Ambassador:
Movellys 2017

Winner of the Best Trailer Category:
Drawing+Writing Competition 2016 with 'Glacier Towers'

Winner of 'music' category- Young happy Minds Competition 2015-
Humphrey The Wonderdog

Winner of local library short story competition - Breakfast With A Rabbit

Second place, local poetry competition- unpublished work.

Greetz to sceners.

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    These experiences are really common to me. To follow on from Shaun's comment, I got out of the grind through trial and improvement, but mostly just by surrounding myself with the right people. I've found it works well to be super-ultra obliging about everything all the time, but also find an area of expertise that no one else has, to dominate completely.
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    mumbled "Last call for June round of the Great Movellas Gift Society!"

    Hey all,
    Do you want to get some fanfiction, fanart, or other sort of fan response to some of your work, and can spare a few hours some time in the month of June?
    Comment here, following the format in chapter 2 to join:
    The Great Movellas Gift SocietyA perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to...

    So far, over the last few months, the gift society has seen people who didn't really know each other before gift each other with art, writing, music, graphics and even web design, based on their own stories, in a sort of 'secret santa' format.
    Please consider joining in - all authors and creators are welcome to join.
    I will make the assignments on Saturday. If your comment is received after then, you will be put forward for the round in July.

    I look forward to launching another successful round!
    - T.I.D.
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    This is so good! I enjoyed it so much! I get that English isn't your first language, but honestly it comes across as an advantage - your choice of words, and use of imagery is so creative, and different to what anyone else I know would have chosen - it really adds a lot to the story, so thank you so much!
    A story brought up by The Intelligence Division along with UNREDACTED PRODUCTION. Two character from different pace seemed to meet for few seconds as TIME waits for no one. A gift of FANFICTION dedicated...
    The Intelligence Division
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    I promise you I am not kidding - I really, really enjoyed it :D
    The dream idea is perfect - I'd never have thought to put the characters in such a situation, but it makes it so, so much more awesome - thank you so much!
    The Intelligence Division
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    oh btw, are you able to sign up for the gift society again? We're kinda short on people this time around, again. If you were to join, it would be exactly the same people as last time, which I figure warrants us dropping the whole secret Santa thing for one round, so that I can openly get to work on something for you to say thank you :D
    2 weeks ago
    Omg No problem... It was my pleasure and you know this experience kinda polish me for the writing again as I was not publishing or writing anything for 2 years Lol XD. There's nothing more to hear from a satisfied reader XD

    Ah I'll love to join but I'm having exams and they will be over till 31st july (that's kinda long to suffer) but for the July Session I will surely join you guys cos this month is not been so comfy for me to write as I have alot pressure on, But you have my words ... next month you'll get my signup :D
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    mumbled "Great Movellas Gift Society: My gift for May"

    @[SHABZY] !
    I had the pleasure of working with your story this time around - I really, really enjoyed it, and was inspired to create this piece based on it, called 'Burn The Towers'.
    For anyone who hasn't read SHABZY's truly excellent short story, I would link you to it, but it seems that all links to it on the site are broken :(

    Anyway, for anyone who wants to sign up to the Great Movellas Gift Society for June, I'll make the assignments in a few days time - please sign up here:
    The Great Movellas Gift SocietyA perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to...

    SHABZY - I hope you enjoy your gift - I really enjoyed reading the story. Going on to compose this piece of music was actually really quite fast and easy to do as a result of having enjoyed it so much - I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so thank you for that :D

    Happy June, all
    - T.I.D.
    3 weeks ago
    AAAHHHH THANK YOUUU!!!! The music really suits the novel. In essence the story is about my struggles with bipolar disorder and the depression of it kicked in so i unpublished it- hence the broken links. I've been looking for something to inspire me to continue writing and this gift has done just that. I shall be drafting more chapters with ur work playing in the background :)
    The Intelligence Division
    Oh wow!!! That's brilliant! I'm so glad I could help you feel inspired again! I really enjoyed reading it, so I was really sorry to find it missing - I thought you must have taken it down.
    Lol now I've published this gift I can like and favourite it without giving away what I'm up to XD I'm gonna go do that now.
    I'm so glad you enjoy the music - as I say, I just found it so easy to write - I knew exactly what the piece needed to be just by reading - it was so easy to compose it was just amazing, so thank you!!
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    mumbled "Great Movellas Gift Society - One Week to go until the end of May"

    @[SHABZY] @[Shaun JH Nightshade] @[AnimeAffinity] As the title suggests, there's currently one week to go until gifts for this round can be released.

    Everyone else:
    Do you fancy getting an awesome piece of fan work made for your stories, in return for creating something from someone else in a sort of infinite Secret Santa?
    Applications for the next round of the Great Movellas Gift Society are always open - if you can spare no more than 4 hours at any point in June, please consider leaving a comment beneath this Movella filling out the form in chapter 2:
    The Great Movellas Gift SocietyA perpetually renewing monthly 'Secret Santa' to give and receive fan responses to your work. Read the introduction chapters for information on how to...

    ...I'm really, really excited to give my gift this time around..... :D :D :D
    1 months ago
    Hey thanks for the reminder, but I was informed by Nightshade that I have to publish my gift between 1 and 7th june. I think there are 2 weeks left for me. What do you think
    The Intelligence Division
    Yes, this is correct - This is why I have written 'there's currently one week to go until gifts for this round can be released' - emphasis on the 'can'. The final deadline, as it is, is the 7th, though the 1st is sort of the official 'release day' when I imagine most people will post theirs.
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    Going to be a bit late for my gift this year. Been a busy week so it'll be Monday of Tuesday when my gift is ready :)
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