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Welp, my name is Caitlyn.

I will marry Ashton Irwin
Michael Clifford is my boyfriend

I love the bands/artists:
All Time Low
Twenty One Pilots
One Direction
The Fray
The Script
Green Day
Taylor Swift

"A fake friend would help you up when you fall. A true friend would help you up, then trip you again and laugh in your face"

If you don't like me then please don't waste your time and tell me. Because honestly love I don't care.

I really like the poop emoji with a face because it's so cute and I started calling it Bob. So please respect Bob and call him by his name.

I've dealt with self harm, overdose, and eating disorders and to ally ou out there with similar problems it gets better. It gets easier. Just please tell someone ask for help. Because you are enough and we care about you.

If you don't think about life then you don't think and when you don't think it's the emptiness that kills.

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