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Hi I'm Little Miss Mermaidd and I'm a full time Disney fan girl.
You can probably tell from what I just said that I'm pretty obsessed with Disney and I loooove Disney World, FL.
I have a varied music taste and listen to people from Jake Bugg to All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon etc.
I'm not the best at bios so I'll leave it there

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    mumbled "3000 reads of my debut!"

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    Hey guys. So whilst I'm sat here watching the box set of Mom, I thought I'd check out my movellas account Before doing more writing. Scrolling down to see how many reads my debut movella , Falling For You I was so surprised and so so greatful to see that 3000 people have read Falling For You and I can't even put into words how greatful I am for you all reading it. Thank you everyone and please carry on reading my movellas.
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    mumbled "New Story in the works"

    Hey guys. I've had an idea for a story that I'm hoping you will enjoy and support me with. As soon as I finish Ombre Mommys, I'm planning a Pretty Little Liars what happened next story making up what I think happens to Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison, Mona, Toby etc. I will do one chapter for each character i want included so hopefully it'll be a success. Please comment if you have any ideas of what should happen to some of your favourite characters if you watch ��
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    mumbled "Falling For You 1st Birthday/ Anniversary"

    Hi guys. Today's a special day because my debut movella Falling ForYou has been online for a whole year! Thank you to all nearly 600 of you that have read and supported that story and without the success of it, I wouldn't be where I am today with 17 stories (I think). Thanks so much to all the supported and please carry on reading and supporting all future stories I publish on here. :)
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    mumbled "new story ideas? help!!!"

    Hi guys. I'm really having problems thinking up a new story so can anyone please just give me any ideas that are possibly similar to the movellas I've already published. Please read and comment on this post. Thanks.
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    mumbled "Falling for you success"

    Well it's official, my debut novella if you wanna call it that, Falling For You has been read or seen by 500 people! All I can say is thank you to any fans who have read it and just anyone in general who has read it. Thank you so much for supporting me an I hope that you will follow all my future ventures with movellas. Thanks :) ��