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I'm a pansexual, book addicted, music obsessed, loudmouth who likes to talk and piss off adults who underestimate me. Anime and bands are my whole existence and I'm a complete bitch when necessary. Let's be friends ;]

  • teenagetragedyx
    A beautiful piece of work. It really captures how the sad but true evils of the world look through an non corrupted mind. Great work.
    An eight-year-old boy dwells on the injustice of society, after a black man is wrongly accused of the murder of a white schoolteacher.
  • teenagetragedyx

    mumbled "I'm A Liar.."

    So I go into the incognito tab on chrome and my hours of Movellas, Wattpad, Quotev, and Booksie and deleted from existence and it looks like I've been doing school work all day...No regrets.
  • teenagetragedyx
    Loving it !
    Internet Boyfriend [BoyxBoy]
    Internet Boyfriend...
    [BoyxBoy] Tristan is an open gay. Always beaten up by the usual bullies, squealed at by the fan girls, and has the craziest best friends he could ever hope for. He isn't complaining or anything but...
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