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Haha... And Just when you thought Cocky wasn't Cocky enough you wandered onto my page. I'm Tasha... Tasha the One and Only. && what you see is what you get. Lucky for you.. What you see is a lot. I'm a Romance buff. I'm a sucker for love *cough cough* (Which kinda explains my failed relationships) I live my life through my writings. Which is kind of why you never see me, Tasha, writing about magic carpets and Yoda stuff. I'm completely OBSESSED with Kurt Cobain, his death, and his beautiful voice. I'm a girl that lives to play and plays to live. I like Call Of Duty, but I love to draw, and Live to Write. I'm pretty good at giving advice, from what I've heard, so nice to see you've met Tasha The Creator. (: <3

|| My pen name is Tasha Muaah. My real name is Aundrea Giibons. My wattpad name is Tasha Mwuah BTW.||


Worth The Time! <3
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This is a list of Movellas that I have read and are really good. Some are by me and I think they are awful good if I may say so myself. But pwease take a look