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hi my name is siobhan sopia clark i am formally known by my old wwe colleuges as star reby reigns and the shield stories are my biographys and yes i was in a relationship on and off screen with Roman Reigns.

i was engaged to guy called jack donavan and there will be a story explaining this.

i am engaged to my loving Daniel john walker we are planning to get married on the 24 june next year so i will be a walker after that.

my dream is to become a well known singer and story writer.

i am a nice girl so dont be afraid to ask me questions about anything.

thanks for reading
siobhan sophia clark

  • siobhan sophia clark

    mumbled "the journey of the shield and their girl"

    you may have noticed i have made my story with more twist to it by bringing saw characters in to it like Mark Hoffman, Peter Strahm and David Tapp and also bringing a sister to Star in to it can you please comment on the story to tell me what you think and if you want me to kill any of the characters off

    many thanks
    Star Reby Reigns

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