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Hey thanks for taking the time to read my summary! (its really sweet of you to take interest in it ^ u ^) If you wanna read any of my stories awesome! Also if you want me to read and give a review of a book just tag me in a mumble post and I would be happy to! My love goes out to all that read this and all my fans, you guys make me so happy <3

I love fantasy, horror, mystery, love stories, and adventure.

If you want me to read a story of yours and let you know what I think of it let me know!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this ^u^

Brotherhood for Life
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    So I am actually thinking of re starting this story in the summer. I tragically lost all my saves with the chapters when I moved schools. I totally forgot I left them all on my school email and as soon as I changed schools "Poof" so did my chapters. I also have so many notebooks filled with stories I have no clue which one Game Called Love is in. But I plan on continuing it soon so hopefully you all can look forward to that :P Cheers!
    A Dangerous Game Called Love
    A Dangerous Game...
    Copyright © 2013 Hailee Marie Reynolds Callista dreams of one day finding her other half. But what happens when she finds her self with two mates? Who will Callista pick? And with a new threat on their...
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    Name*: Harley Strider
    Role: Could be a friend or even like someone close to the main character or someone who they look to for advice if they need it. They could be a relative even, I picture her as more like a cousin if they are related.
    Looks*: Gives off a 'tough' sort of look with usually wearing leather or varsity jackets with black jeans or cut up jeans. Has her left side of her lip pierced as well as a stud in her right nostril. Has normally dirty blonde hair but sometimes dyes it to whatever she feels like. She has green eyes that also have a bit of blue mixed in and with certain colors it seems like she has flecks of gold in them. Her hair is naturally wavy but she does flatten it to make it straight when she wants to look nicer than normal. She is around average height for girls as she stands at about 5'3" and sometimes you will find her wearing a snap back which she turns backwards so the brim isn't in her face. She has a round sort of small nose and medium lips. She is pale but if she really went out in the sun often she would get a good tan, though she can tend to burn easy.
    Personality*: Very down to earth, likes to help people as much as she can and is very loyal to her friends and family. Will stand up for them if she feels like they need help in any sort of way. Harley is very optimistic and looks towards the brighter sides of things despite her 'tough' and hard look on the out side. She wouldn't consider herself a tom boy though she may look like it as she has both girl and guy friends.
    Anything else: On of her weaknesses would be that though she helps people and always wants to be there for them she is in reality sometimes unable to help herself and can get frustrated with choices and decisions that she has to make. Harley usually doesn't tell anyone about what is going on with her besides her close friends if they can tell if something is wrong. Because of that she can also kind of explode at times when everything seems to pile on and she has no idea what to do with all her emotions. Other than that, she really strives to find herself and wants to have a purpose in life. Shes good with computers... like really good and she likes to draw and write in her free time. She likes to go on trips or adventures either by herself or with the company of her friends. Her music taste is mixed and she will listen to anything (including metal).
    Hope you like her! Cheers,
    Spartan~ :)
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    I just realized that your picture for your profile is Zen from mystic messenger XD that's awesome... Personally, I am in love with Luciel or Saeyoung if you played his route :3
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    EYYYY! I love MM!
    I got Jaehee on my first go, which wasn't too bad, but Zen shall forever hold my heart.
    3 years ago
    Oh my gosh Yes. I got Zen on my first go around but I was aiming for 707..... Till I found out I had to get the deep story to be able to get his route. I will not lie I spent real money for this fake anime man.
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    XD I'm gonna play it more over the summer so I can get enough hourglasses.

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