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Hi!Im Sophie ��
I love to write and read��
•Everything happens for a reason•

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    So hi guys!!I am now back and my summer has finally started!!☀️Because of this I am now able to dedicate more time to writing on both movellas and wattpad(username sophieelizabethb ) so please request what you want to see me writ next !! Soph��
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    mumbled "Cover for my new book!!"

    Please,please,please could someone make me a new cover for my book(One Direction Preffs)Because the one I have now is really bad and I am rubbish at making covers.Please can it include the title of the book,you name(as I would not take credit for it)and my name as the author.Please send me you entires Sophia :) :D
    Ps i dont really mind whats on the cover as long as its 1D related
    7 years ago
    Interesting, be sure to check out my Movella too though.
    It's called "Darkness" - I hope you like it.
    Leave a comment/like/ favourite, up to you ;)
  • sophiethefangirl
    I love to be a co-author if its still avaliable? Xx
    My Step-Brother
    My Step-Brother
    Megan Jones thought her life couldnt get worse after her ex cheated on her. But what if the cheater comes back, as her step-brother?
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