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I write so I can exist outside myself. Live life through else's eyes. To create something that will outlive me. It's all I've ever wanted to do with my life.

  • To The Moon & Back
    a reimagining of Captain America...what if Bucky had been the one to be chosen to be the world's first superhero?
    TransparentJames Buchanan Barnes. Hardly brushing five foot and barely nine stone soaking wet, he fought his way through most of his life just to be noticed. Being...
    !!! feedback would be much appreciated!
  • To The Moon & Back
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    if you do the one that's not a fanfiction but about a society where all the people are sorted by values, does that mean you could seperate them by something physical? Like strength, intelligence, etc?
  • To The Moon & Back
    check out my entry please !!!
    Crown of SinFor Eilidh Canmore, destiny was written in prophecies. The Sisters advised her father that she, his first daughter, would be queen. She would lead his...
    5 years ago
    Want to do a feedback swap? :)
    VeraThe first man Vera killed was the only person she ever loved. Ironic, isn't it?
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