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A fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and strong heroines. Currently working on my own, Hellish Royalty series.

Favourite author: Too many to list anymore
More a DC fan than marvel but also fan of Rogue Comics.

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    mumbled "My version of the classics, a vampire "

    Seraphina felt a stinging pain in her neck and clasped a hand to it. Pulling her hand away to see blood. Puzzled, she turned around to see if she had hit a broken beam and froze. She wasn't the only one here anymore. A man was sitting on the sofa, one leg hooked over a knee. Athletic build, a few years older than her and dark hair. Reaching his ears, the strands began to curl. He was handsome but not her type. His suit caught her attention, deep scarlet almost like blood.

    "Seems we caught a demon, my pet."
    His pet was none other than a bloodhex and it stood motionless beside him. A chill ran down Seraphina's spine, she was now bearing its mark. They were similar to the fictional vampires of old. Black hair fell past skin of porcelain, draped in a black gown. This one was female, breaking with the tradition of them taking on their castor's sex. Her black eyes hidden beneath her lowered lashes. Bloodhexes were undeniably attractive and their voices the few times they spoke drew anyone in. But they were not sentient beings, they didn't think or feel. Their eyes never darkened with hunger or lust.
    Her fangs were stained with Seraphina's blood and it was allowing the droplets to fall. They didn't want to taste you. No, if he gave the word, she would kill Seraphina to protect her master. Protection created by blood and fueled by it.
  • Skylar Black
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    For a first attempt, it isn't too bad. As a reader, you definitely get a sense of loss from your description of the room and characters. The only thing I would say is maybe break up the paragraphs into shorter ones.
    Overall good job!
    A short write-up I wrote for my creative writing class. I wrote something after a long time (a very long time), so it's pretty rough. I need to restart again and improve, so I am always open for CC!
    Mercury Chap
    6 days ago
    Thanks for the review :) it happens a lot with me, an old problem of stretching sentences, will try and correct that
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    mumbled "Saying goodbye- chapter teaser "

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    In 2016, I started a story called Hellish Royalty with a basic idea and no clue about where I was going with the plot. Over the years it had undergone many changes as I have grown, adapted some of own my experiences and opinions and figured what I like and dislike in paranormal romance.
    Now, I am working on my main hero and heroine's finale arc, Legacies (its working title). Below is the scene titled, Saying Goodbye.

    “You will show up midway through the battle. Making some kind of grand entrance to distract Yadira and her forces. She underestimates me and I am using that to my advantage. I will grab the Mind of Darkness to ensure your safety…”

    Seraphina had stood up, her mouth pressed into a thin line. She placed one hand on his chest over his heart. Her gaze met his. “I don’t want my dark warrior right now, I want my husband.”

    He traced a hand along her jawline. “You have me always.” His tone softened. Oliver wrapped her into an embrace, unable to actually say the word, “goodbye.” He looked down to see Marissa. She hugged him, upset at the events unfolding. Seraphina picked her daughter up, hugging her close. He gathered up the last of his supplies and turned to leave. Then turned back to kiss Seraphina.

    Both closing their eyes so neither could see how much it hurt. Marissa reached out for her father, he smiled despite the pain and held her hand. Then too soon, he had to leave.

    “I love you.”

    Rain :)
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    Love it!!!
    Skylar Black
    1 weeks ago
    Thank you :)
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    mumbled "An emotional scene under review "

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    “It is quite late,” she said, glancing at the clock on the mantelpiece. It was after one.

    “I’m aware of that,” he replied coolly. Seraphina didn’t respond, her eyes closing.

    “I am just not going to bed without my wife.”

    Her eyes snapped open. Oliver stood up and walked over to her. He placed his hands on either side of her but kept some distance from her. Even if it was the last thing he wanted to do right now. His voice was raw and gruff when he spoke.

    “The witch wants to hurt me but you are the one hurting me, Seraphina.” Tears slid down her cheeks. “I can’t sleep without you. I keep reaching out and finding cold sheets. Ignoring each other and only talking when necessary. I hate it! I don’t want monotone answers when conducting business. I want lively discussions like we used to have. I want…I want you. No, I need you,” he said in a fierce whisper.

    A sob escaped her and she covered her face with her hands. It hurt so much to do this to him. She was letting fear ruin her marriage. It was draining her and she felt nothing but misery. His lips brushed her fingers.
    “You are the light of my life and without you, I am floundering.”

    Wrote this while listening to the songs; Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star and If It Means a Lot to You by ADTR.
    Rain :)
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    Love it. I could feel the pain that botb characters are experiencing. Nice work!! :)
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    mumbled "An opening scene in progress "

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    "As a creature of the light, you shouldn't linger in the shadows," Seraphina said, glancing over her shoulder. An angel stepped into her line of sight. Black hair cut short to show off his chiselled facial features, strong jawline and piercing dark eyes. His broad frame clothed in silver armour that had seen many battles. White feathers with silver tips formed his wings. Uriel.

    "I wish to speak to my nephew."
    "He isn't here," she replied, taking her seat on the black marbled throne. "You can wait but I can't guarantee when he returns."
    "You do not like me."
    Her lips curved upwards into a smile, "Stating the obvious now are we."
    Why did he agree to this? Normally he let his brothers deal with their nephew while he attended to his Seraphim warriors. As far he knew, she usually wasn't present during their talks. Uriel searched her face, seeing the similarities of her mother. Her oval face, gently curving chin, a sensual mouth painted red. Then he saw the reminder of his favourite warrior, her evergreen eyes. She had his humour and his nature. It was just a shame she was on the opposite side.
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    I really enjoyed this! It is so descriptive. Great so far! :-)
    Mister Tea
    3 weeks ago
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    Love this, it is as Stuart says very descriptive and a good opening : )
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