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The name's Sky and I'm here to write and to enjoy other's writing.

"I never get tired of the blue sky."
- Vincent Van Gogh.

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    Are we still allowed to enter characters?
    Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)
    Project Z (Prepara...
    Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players. Gain Weapons, skills, friends...
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    1. Yes. Yes I do.
    2. 2
    3. Probably my Great-Grandma
    4. Merp.
    5. Willow tree
    6. Well. I haven't grown any taller yet.
    7. A Hogwarts one
    8. Negative
    9. Dark room
    10. Watching Markiplier
    11. 13
    12. Probably my cat.
    13. This annoying girl from school.
    14. It says 'Monday. You. Bastard.'
    15. Yeah.
    16. Joy by Ellie Goulding
    17. The annoying girl from school.
    18. The annoying girl from school.
    19. Hm, probably Justin Beiber and he had to throw himself off a cliff.
    20. Eyes
    21. Freaking amazingly hot and I would probably go hang out with some other people.
    22. Singing.
    23. Being alone.
    24. Nutella and chocolate.
    25. Probably buying Sims 4.

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     River_Summers ☕️
    I've never heard you sing FACETIME ME AND SHOW ME I MUST KNOW :D
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    Full name: Wouldn't you like to know?
    Nickname: Miss Annoying
    Battery Percent: 0%
    iPhone or Android: iPhone.
    Last person I texted: My mum.
    Birthday: March 27
    Last song I listened to: Worth it by Fifth Harmony
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Favourite movie: Pacific rim and Anohana.
    Height: Small.
    What mood I am in now: Tired but inspired.
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