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Hi there!! My name is Sierra or Styles_Babe_XD
Im a huge Directioner!!
Follow me on twitter I follow back- @Iconicasierra2
Don't be afraid to kik me: LoveBugs153
Instagram: Styles_Babe_XD I follow back
I'm 15
I love all of my fans and I do fan back
For my YouTube search: Magic cover Sierra Williamson
I wanna become a singer
Well thanks for fannin me I love you
Xoxoxo Styles_Babe_XD

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    mumbled "Twitter and Instagram"

    Heyy everyone! All of my fans..!! Please go follow my instagram and twitter
    Instagram: Styles_Babe_XD
    Twitter: @Iconiacsierra2 my unsername will be Styles_Babe_XOXO
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    Hey.. Can I have a image with Harry.. My name is Sierra but they call me Cece.. I have shirt dark brown hair with blods high lets i har blue eyes anddint fare how we meet and it's can be dirty if you want to make it :)
    One Direction images :)
    One Direction imag...
    Hi! It's me I'm going to be writing images for y'all I won't be able to always do them cause I got school just list these things and I will write it for u: hair color,eye color,boy,what u want to happen,and...
    7 years ago
    I meant short and blonde highlight.. My eyes are blue and I don't care how we meet
    7 years ago
    Sorry my phone is messing ip
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