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What to say? I'm a girl. Who likes to write and read. Nothing else.

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    mumbled "Bring on the nostalgia"

    I have just found this account while going through old emails... it brings back so many memories... and forgotten fanfics. I'm thinking of posting the rest of the chapters that I have, though 'There's no Escape' has not been updated offline since 2015 - it's unfinished. ABBS on the other hand is completed. I'll have to think this through.

    Anyways, thanks to everyone and anyone that's still sticking around!
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    mumbled "Update"

    Ok for any of you who are waiting for an update, it will be this week. Sorry for the long wait. If you can't wait, it's up and completed on wattpad.com too. Look for my username (Ziall_Kingdom) and it'll be there. :)
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