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friend me on face book : Shelby Stavely and if you want me to be in you books I have crstal blue eyes dirty wavy blond hair with blond highlights at the end I am funny a flirt cheeky and I love animals Thx Shelbyxoxo

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    Omg it's so sweet please update more!!!!
    The last song // Niall Horan O.S
    The last song //...
    She was his reason to be but she now is gone, leaving him heartbroken. As a last goodbye, he decides to sing her one last song... *Niall Horan One Shot*
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    5 years ago
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    Yeah I know it's a one shot but please I swear it the best thing I have ever read so please add more
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    5 years ago
    It's ok, but can you make like a sires out of it?
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    May I please have one with all of them and one of them likes me I don't care who it is. But anyway my name is Shelby I have crystal blue eyes and I know I don't have this hair but can it please be blue? I'm going to dye it that when it gets longer. So yeah and I'm 19
    One Direction #Imagine Collection #2
    One Direction #Ima...
    The imagine collections are back. The imagine collections are back.! Okay, everyone. Get ready for more requested imagines! Same rules. I will try to update one imagine per day. No dirty imagine requests....
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    May I plz have one with Louis?
    Preferences/Imagines w/ one direction.
    Some preferences/imagines with One Direction for you ;) I'd be happy if you would leave some feedback - thank you !
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    Update plz
    The Wizard of 1D
    The Wizard of 1D
    All Zayn ever did was draw in his room while his little companion Hatchi sat by his side. Although he seems quiet, Zayn caused lots of unnecessary trouble around Bradford. Suddenly an unexpected blizzard...
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