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My name is Connor
I'm a gamer, anime fan, and writer. I won't let anyone bring me down or break me. Follow me if you want a friendly experience.

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    In 2016, The U.S. Government shut down completely. Full fledged chaos erupted. Riots spread like wildfire. No one was safe. The U.N. never stepped in to help. .It's 2021 now. I was 11 when the most powerful country in the world turned to hell.

    For this Roleplay, Be yourself. Put yourself in this world, make the decisions you would make. Open to anyone.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Really um ok look I'm sorry about my other roleplay
    9 hours ago
    No, I'm sorry. I didn't reply back to you.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    It's ok do you wanna give it a try though
  • Lone_Surviver

    mumbled "Help me out"

    Has anyone heard anything from @[Kasythewhitetiger<3] ?? I'm starting to get worried. She's one of my closest friends and I haven't heard from her in a while. Help me out if you guys can.
    1 weeks ago
    I understand.
    Little Miss Author
    she mumbled about it. she said that she might update but she might not show up otherwise.
    Hey Sorry I worried you. They are right. I have been failing a couple classes so I've been mainly focusing on bringing my grades up. Movellas is kind of distracting so I've decided to take a break for a little while. Especially since the end of grading period is coming up soon. @[Lone_Surviver]
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