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by , Saturday March 30, 2019

So this Blog is created to keep you guys up to date on my writing, collaborations, Q&A'S, upcoming stories, previews and basically my activity on Movellas. 

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    mumbled "Long or short hair"

    2 months agoReply

    for ages, I’ve been growing my hair long, but I love changing it up a bit. Decided to cut it relatively short XD my friends say long hair was better but others say short suits me more?

    mumbled "BACKKKK "

    2 months agoReply
    hi guys!

    The summer break was hectic asf for me. I was inactive on movellas as I’ve become a professional model and have been attending huge photoshoots with Pierre Ardens. I’ve met so many new friends and I have a career at 16 years old! I’m back in movellas now tho, since college is starting up, which means studying. And might as well drop in more narratives and poetry ��

    How’s everyone else doing?

    For anyone who messages me on here; ask for my Instagram account ( it’s public) or my Snapchat, since I’m highly unlikely to respond to messages here

    Feels so refreshing to be back tho :)
    Omg congratulations
    2 months ago
    Thank you! :)
    1 months ago
    Happy for u "Shabzy" .

    mumbled "No reads or views?!?!"

    5 months agoReply
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    I’m seeing another problem with movellas. Whenever I publish something new, it always sats my content has 0 views even though it has been published for a couple of days and my friends have read it. This happening with anyone else?
    The Intelligence Division
    The stats have been a bit "out of whack" for quite a long time. I remember a little while ago they took to adding hundreds of views onto people's totals, which was also rather baffling.
    But anyway... damn good story my dude! Really grabbing, honest, insightful, disturbing stuff! Keep it up!
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