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*stands from a long sit just waiting for anyone to find me*

Good thing you found me!
You can call me Mother if you think you're one potato... but whatever....:-D

So Obviously, I am an otaku and a big fan of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin -.-, are you too?
But beside from being an otaku, I also love watching Korean, Philippines, and Japanese dramas, Bollywood(esp comedy) and Hollywood(esp actions) movies, and also...nickelodeon and Disney cartoons 0.0

I am a music lover and I already heard a lot of songs from different languages like Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, English(of course :-D) but did you know??...I'm also learning Nihongo because because I am planning of working to Japan someday...just sayin :-)

I'm also from the Philippines but I do write english when I do some fan fictions sooooo yea, stay.

That's it....other than foods, I love you now too.
I hope we become good friends as we read and enjoy each's story. :-)

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