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Come back to life love,
I'll be here when you wake up
- Warner
Shatter me

  • Mystique Iris
    Title- Somewhere
    Author- Mystique Iris
    Summary- A book on a journey to somewhere.

    Thank you for listening.
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    Your cover is done :)
    Mystique Iris
    4 years ago
    Thank you :)

  • Mystique Iris
    I know that the twilight series set a new standard of vampires but now we need to see vampires as something else than cute and extremely handsome beings. Maybe, we need to go back to Victorian ages and show vampires as the blood-thirsty monsters that they are or we could show that how it was the vampires that first came to earth and it was not the vampires who infected the human population and killed them maybe it was the humans that destroyed the vampires and turned them into the monsters they are today. Maybe, all along we were living in a world of our own created on the skulls and skeletons of vampires. They were never the monsters, we were.
  • Mystique Iris
    I believe that would make a great alien story is when it is not too cliche, not just about every things. Like it shouldn't be typical alien abduction story. It should be out of the ordinary like you could not relate aliens to humans at all. Just create a story where there are only aliens and no humans. We could create this story in any genre like- Romance, horror, supernatural or even non-fiction, but don't use aliens as those typical slimy green things but aliens with feelings, as actual being that feels something. it would be nice twist from our pre-destined bias on which we see aliens as.
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