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Hello my Lovlies!! :D
My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sammi :)

I'm just a simple girl who loves life, down to earth, tom boy and love to write :) <3 i play the violin and loves fishy face > °3°

I love to interact with my fans and meet new people check me out on , twitter, instagram, kik, gmail
Twitter: @SamanthaLeane5 and @LeaneSamantha
Intagram: @live_a_parade7
Kik: _koala_bear1
Polyvore: samantha-whitt
Gmail: samanthacox5654@gmail.com

Lovlies foreva
~Sammi <3

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    mumbled "Hey People (:"

    What up guys? (: long time no see am I right? I have been so busy and I never had any time to write and I am pleased to say that I am coming back to writing!!:D I have a new book that will be published tomorrow and I will be continuing doing 1D imagines!! Just got to the book and leave a comment and I'll write it! :D I missed you guys so much and I'm so excited to come back!!:D :D I love you guys and seen you soon!<3
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    mumbled "!!News about New Girl & Wattpad Update!!"

    Hey everyone (: So after reading over New Girl, I decided to redo it and basically edit the chapters and add stuff and take stuff out and try to make it better! So yeah, I've been working hard and I don't if you guys will get an update about the chapter but I just wanted to let you guys know (: and I am now on Wattpad ! :D my name is sammy_whitt_6214 and have published New Girl on there and I will be publishing a new book on there pretty soon and then I will publish it on this website after Fight for the Title is done ^~^ so yeah, that sums that up (: i wanted to update you guys and let you know what's going on ^~^ I love you all and talk to ya soon!
    ~Sam <3
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    mumbled "I'm Back!!"

    Hello everyone (: I know I have been absent for a while and come ad gone for a while :(, but I am here to tell you that I am back and ready to go! :D I am working on new content and revising and editing some stories for everyone and I am very excited to be back (: I will still take requests on my Imagine Book and I hope to chat with you guys and entertain you all with my creations (: I missed my Movella family! *virtual hug* I'm excited to be back and hope ya'll enjoy (:
    ~Sam <3
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    add please.
    Styles Academy » h.s
    Styles Academy »...
    "Welcome to Styles Academy, where only the highest ranking scholars are allowed." The woman's accent was very strong, stronger than my own. "The campus was planned out and produced by the Styles family,...
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    please update!!!!
    Babygirl (16+)
    Babygirl (16+)
    "Babygirl?" I looked up at Harry through my eyelashes, "Come here" I made my way over to him and sat down on his lap, where he made me. "You've bin a good girl" He wrapped his arms around me, "T-thank...
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