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I write things I can’t say out loud.

Introduction: Hello, my name is rubix.cube. and thank you for coming to check out my Movellas profile. Here, you will find my current novella “Text Me”, which currently is in progress and under editing. Please, if you have any questions regarding myself or my writing, please don’t be afraid to message me. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

About Me: I have been writing since I was a little girl, though became extremely invested in the pastime during my first couple years of junior high. Slowly but surely, my writing skills have begun to grow stronger, and now I am a staff reporter of three consecutive years for my high school newspaper and have been involved in numerous honors and AP English classes. When I graduate, I plan to attend college and major in liberal arts—more specifically journalism and communications in hopes to pursue my dream as a professional editor.

Status: As of right now, I am writing and editing my story “Text Me” from November of 2018. As of right now, I am in my second semester, and thus, due to my fluctuating schedule, I am unable to set proper update dates. Nevertheless, I can say I will try my hardest to publish a chapter a week.