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My name is Rosebud (a nickname, I'm only ever called by my real name when I'm in trouble).
I'm twenty-two.
I spend way too much time in the garden.
Dreams are my biggest inspiration.
I'm a notorious pen thief.
I should win an award for being awkward, 'cause I'm a champ.
I curse more than I should, it's a really bad habit.
I bike, or walk, or take public transportation almost everywhere.
I drink tea like there's no tomorrow.
I'm a mountain kid through and through.
My doodling habits are getting completely out of control.
I've accidentally offended everyone I know, at least once.
The filter that exists between my brain and my mouth sometimes malfunctions at the most inconvenient times.

Disclaimer: Most of my writing is not for the fainthearted. And I suck at writing happy endings. Honestly, I'm trying to get better.

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    mumbled "Daily Doodle #6! :P"

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    This is a drawing of my little sister from years ago. I was maybe fifteen when I drew it... I can't quite recall. Anyway, enjoy!
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