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I'm a girl with big dreams so stay out of my way

5SOS is bae
Michael is hot
13 yrs. young ��

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    I Hate Love
    I Hate Love
    Dahvie Vanity is best friends with Jayy Von Monroe, but Jayy has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. He thinks love is evil, but what happens when he finds that Cupid carries a gun... Just for...
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    Update please
    Falling For Hemmings
    Falling For Hemmin...
    You are the new girl in school. You easily find yourself surrounded by some good friends but they all tell you to stay away from Luke Hemmings, the bad boy, who you now sit next to in two lessons. Luke...
  • micheal_is_my_idiot
    Update please
    Ashton's Twin Sister |M•C|
    Ashton's Twin Sist...
    Maya is Ashton's twin sister. After 10 years of being apart,Maya moves back to Australia to live with her mum and brother. When Maya meets Ashton's band mates,she quickly falls for Michael. But Michael...
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