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  • Katinflannel
    Love it so far! I can't wait for more!
    Senior Prank
    Senior Prank
    Gracie Lennox has been waiting her entire life to be announced Prom Queen and after surviving her senior year full of pranks thrown by the senior boys, her wish finally comes true. But once Scott Hays,...
  • Katinflannel
    Long the book so far! Pleeeeeeaaaase update! (I just want to point out, that half-brother and step-brother are different things, these two guys are step-brothers)
    Intertwined I On Wattpad
    Intertwined I On...
    "You showed me what I couldn't find, when two different worlds collide." Charlie Caye hasn't been in charge of her own life since her father died. Everything in her life revolves around surviving her...
    4 years ago
    Thank you! I just posted chapter 14, and I really hope you'll read it and tell me your thoughts on it? Damn, that's my mistake. I tend to write at night and sometimes my brain shuts off, so I must have missed that - however I am aware of the difference. Thank you for pointing it out and for reading it! As said, I hope you'll continue to read this story and possibly share your thoughts on it - Unidentified
  • Katinflannel
    Great so far, update! Can't wait to read more!
    Mr. No Name
    Mr. No Name
    Mikey is a street artist, she paints, she hides, she answers other artists, and she always finds the answers to her questions. And right now, her main question is: Who is Mr. No Name? He answers almost...
    Well I'm Chelle
    4 years ago
    Updating today <3 sorry about the wait!
  • Katinflannel
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    I'm loving it so far, update!
    Let Me In
    Let Me In
    First of all this is basically a corny love story but it will be interesting I promise ;D Also (YN) means your name,I prefer to use (YN) in order to include yourself in the story to make it more fun for...
    6 years ago
    Thank you haha I felt the first chapter was pretty short.
    6 years ago
    Ch 2 has been updated :)
  • Katinflannel
    Loving the book so far and I know this is random, but is that Taylor Lautner on the cover?
    You're Mine. I Bought You.
    You're Mine. I Bou...
    Alexis Hunt is not your average 17 year old girl. To help her desperately poor family, she takes on several part-time jobs daily. One night, a mysterious boy snatches a kiss – her first kiss! – from Alex,...
    @QuailyCat it is, it's really easy to tell [;
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