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Not new to the writing game, but have been encouraged to post my writings here instead of lost to the notebooks of time (or that random junk drawer, or the monster under the bed).

  • PoppyFieldHorrors
    I really like the story, a few grammar and spelling bits here and there, but otherwise a good story! Also, I noticed you used 'aren't sterile enough to bear children', I think you mean fertile instead (sterile is where you can't have children).

    Hope this helps, and that you are having a good night! :)
    The End
    The End
    The end of the world had come. All that's is left is a few villagers living in a polluted pond. Will they survive our has the earth come to an end.
    Romeo Lee
    3 months ago
    Thank you for the corrections good night to you to
  • PoppyFieldHorrors
    Hey, can I just start by saying how much I love your designs, so clean and fresh! Please may I have a cover, but if you are busy, please take time for yourself first!

    Title: Dating in the First Degree
    Author: PoppyFieldHorrors
    Type: Simple, please

    Short summary: Elmira had always wanted to be a writer, she had the perfect formula that should have added to a great author. The remote writing hide-away secluded in the woods, the window seat in the local coffee shop where the barista knew her order down pat. The battered but well looked-after laptop and it's trusty satchel.

    She met him on a day like any other, the rain was pattering against the window and the streetlights turning on in the growing dusk outside. Tired eyes, a little twitchy and a large smear of blood against his shirt cuff.

    Elmira had met her muse, her story, and possibly her demise.

    Ideas: It's a dark romance with a hint of comedy about a writer dating a serial killer, maybe a pen and an hatchet crossing? Other than that, I'm out of ideas, I'm not great with covers and designs myself.

    Colour schemes: Maybe black and white? But if you think that is too cliche, maybe some pastel colours would shake it up!

    You put so much effort and time into these covers, I can see that, please keep at it and keep yourself well :)

    Papillon Cover Store [Open]
    Papillon Cover Sto...
    A cover store for my lovelies <3 Note: Please read the rules BEFORE asking for a cover. I have all of my delivery info in there, as well as guidelines and other things <3
  • PoppyFieldHorrors

    mumbled "Would you rather (Plot edition!)"

    So I have several ideas about what I would like to write about, but I thought what better way to get into the community than by asking what you would like to read about!

    -Post apocalyptic world where the biggest danger is not other people, but rather the sirens of the deep oceans that love to lure humans into their watery deaths.
    -Three races of vampires exist in the world alongside humans, each with their own abilities and needs. A killer on the loose and the discovery of a forgotten family means the end of a centuries long war, or perhaps the re-ignition of it.
    -Reapers were made to take care of the sick, the dying. But a rouge could mean the end of an uneasy alliance between humans and them, but sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. Or a rouge with a rouge.
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