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Horror, SF, fantasy, flash fiction, fanfic, software–I write a lot of things. I mostly only get paid for the software.

I don't usually wear those glasses, and what colour my hair is on any given week is fairly random.


  • Pete Alex Harris

    mumbled "I added a map to The Silk Mind"

    So, since I'm working on the sequel (The Source of Fire) and need maps for various places in it, I can re-use a couple of them for The Silk Mind.

    As a special bonus for Movellas people, who get to read The Silk Mind for free, and are therefore the largest readership–by far–I'm adding maps of Atlar and Andaro to the version here first.

    The map of Atlar is up, at the beginning of the prologue poem, so if you're curious, you won't have to search around for it.

    IT WOULD BE NICE IF I COULD INSERT CHAPTERS, then I could add illustrations as their own sections. I look forward to Movellas fixing that one day.
  • Pete Alex Harris

    mumbled "Got a short story collection coming out soon!"

    If any of you liked my short stories such as "Reunion" or "Labels", or if you like my darker stuff over on the Shadows at the Door site, this news is for you.

    You can pre-order a little collection of my short work here: amazon.com/dp/B01MQI0Q66

    "An escape from danger through the frozen ruins of Amsterdam; an inconveniently worded wish, warfare both magical and informational, romantic crushes, demons, ghosts, and a lamentable lack of both cutlery and propriety."

    It includes some old favourites, but also 5 brand-new stories and two sample chapters of upcoming novels "The Source of Fire" (which is a sequel to The Silk Mind, in case you liked that here on Movellas too) and "disOrder" which is harder and darker SF.

    It's pretty good value at 99 cents, or equivalent in your local currency.
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