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HELLO! I'm Parsavagely or Parsley if you can't be bothered typing that. (Or Par if you can't be bothered typing that). Anyway, take some parsley and (hopefully) enjoy my many writings.
**Bigender** If I'm on this account I'm currently presenting as male, so use he/him/his.
(If you have a problem with me being bigender, don't bother saying anything as I will ignore it or report you)

I've been writing for about 3 years now but I never let anyone else read my stuff until I found Movellas. Most of my writing is pretty dark but I have written lighter stuff as well. I write a lot of poetry as well. I don't write fan fiction as I prefer to be completely original.
Winner of the 2k14 BMA Best Poet award
Winner of the song category of the Poetry competition
Runner up: Off the Page co-author competition
Please leave feedback so I know how I can improve and which movellas you like

  • Parsavagely Hayashi

    mumbled "The benefits of being bigender"

    1) Seeing things from two angles is interesting

    2) Writing characters of the opposite gender is not a problem

    3) I get to wear clothes from both sections

    4) Having breasts one day and not another can lead to some hilarious reactions

    Parsavagely Hayashi
    It's okay, it's just that saying it's a choice suggests that I could decide to not be bigender
    Parsavagely Hayashi
    Fire away
    Parsavagely Hayashi
    It's hard to describe but basically...I feel different...there's a certain feeling that I know means I'm a girl - if it's not there I'm a boy. Sometimes I'm not sure for a while, sometimes I switch halfway through the day.

    I guess I kind of...think in a different way.

    High amounts of stress or sadness or other extreme emotions can force me to switch. Also I can make myself switch (but it isn't comfortable).
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