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Who needs bras when Ashton Irwin has hands?

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    mumbled "ROWYSO"

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    So last night amazing I swear I think my ovaries exploded everywhere.
    Everything was going fine until Luke started talking and this bitch behind me started saying crap about my baby and then I was all like "Shut the fuck up. Okay? I can't hear and your talking shit about that mothertrucka's amazing looks and angelic voice." She just scoffed at me and started whispering junk to some other girl and pointed at me. I couldn't take it anymore so I just yelled,"Oh,your spreading rumors about me now? Well its nice to know your spreading something else than your legs! " I think like 10 rows heard it. But yeah,last night was amazing
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    :) carls
    4 years ago
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    Good job and You did good for standing up for yourself <3
    4 years ago

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