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♥ I'm 16, 17 on Oct. 30, 2015. I have 4 pets, I'm homeschooled, I have an addiction to the show 'George Lopez', and I got my parents addicted to it as well. c: Thanks for visiting my profile. c: ♥

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    mumbled "Bye guys"

    Okay so it's breaking my heart just to write this but I'm going to stop writing. There's just no point n my stories anymore. They don't help anybody in any way, and I keep getting less and less motivated. It hurts like hell to type this because it has always been my dream to be an author. As far back as I can remember. Anyways, bye.
    4 years ago
    You don't always have to write for others. If it's your dream, if you enjoy writing, just write for yourself :) Motivation is hard to find sometimes, but take a break, try some new things, and maybe you'll find yourself missing it
    4 years ago
    I agree completely with Prodigy and Sam - maybe just take a break if you think it will help, but don't give up.

    If it's your dream to write stories that help others, then you could always reread some of the books which helped you and figure out //why// they helped you, and try learning from those? :)
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    Thank you guys <3
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    mumbled "....."

    My friends are so good at everything and they make amazing drawings and stories and like I'm just sitting here using too much dialogue, not enough descriptive words and not making proper paragraphs.

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    mumbled "I know I just posted something but I need advice"

    Okay so I'm writing this book 'Down on Jackson Street' and I'm starting to imagine Ki as my crush and me as the girl and all the hugging and sweetness and I cried for the past 3 nights over my crush. It kills me when I imagine something that will never happen and it's making it hard as shit to keep writing. I write to escape life and honestly if everything reminds me of him and writing kills me, then I honestly have nothing in life... Does anybody have any advice on getting past this? (I probably sound like a crazy 'lil shit, but yeah.)
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