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I love fanfiction and fiction, I am a brony and like various anime. I would like to be friends with other Movellas users.

  • Orion Nebula
    Sorry about the font change, I had some trouble with that, I'll try to look out for that in the future.
    Shattered Dreams.
    Shattered Dreams.
    Lightning Dust travels to all across Equastria fighting monsters after a faithful run in with a friend she holds dear. During her journey's she will meet friends, old and new, make new enemies, her battle...
  • Orion Nebula
    The beginning looks great, and I like the plot.
    Ingenious Clay Maker
    Ingenious Clay Mak...
    Deidara has betrayed the Akatsuki and is now on the run, he stumbles upon an old abandon mansion, although it wasn’t as abandon as he thought. Meanwhile the Akatsuki are searching for him and to kill him...
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