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Read and Aprecciate the magic that floats through all of this stories...I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.
Thank you!
Stay beautiful xx

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    Thank you so muchhhhhh!!! Xx
    Almost Is Never Enough
    Almost Is Never...
    "Don't worry I will catch you if you fall" he smiles. "Even if I fall in love with you?" I ask him "Only if you promise to catch me too" he says softly in my ear.
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    Great story!
    Kay lives on the streets, addicted and broken, she gave up on doing anything with her life years ago. Until she meets a stranger, a stranger called Harry, who is the first person to look inside. (contains...
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    mumbled "Sorry xx"

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    Hello everyone, I'm sorry for deleting the other movellas, but I didn't like them very much and I was working so hard on this one that I ended up deleting them...sorry, please read my new fanfiction, I'm sure you'll like it, it has a it of drama, but it's a big romance ;) Thank you everyone for all your support!! xxxx
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    would you PLZ CHECK OUT MY MOVELLAS "More then friends" and "his other half" plz! it would mean the world to me thanx!PS i love feedback both negative and positive! Enjoy!
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    Update please in love with it!!!!
    Truly, Madly Deeply
    Truly, Madly Deepl...
    'I hate you Harry Styles...' 2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything...
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    Hello everyone!! I have a new movella, if you could comment on it, it would be amazing, or even just read!! thankssss :) xxxxx
    Emma’s P.O.V. The tears were rolling down my face such as the raindrops were pouring down through the windows of my house…memories from the past were haunting my mind as if they were going on in that...
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