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I've attended more One Direction concerts than my bank account could keep up with, and am obsessed with hockey, dogs, and writing. I'm also kind of in love with Harry Styles, oops.


Winner of the Harry Styles Competition with "Five Days" (2017)

Winner of the Rockin Lyrics Songfic Competition with "History" (2016)

Winner of the Bad Boy Fanfiction Competition with "Kaleidoscope" (2016)

Winner of Movellys 2015 Fanfiction Author of the Year

Winner of Movellys 2015 Fanfiction Movella of the Year with "Labels"

Movellas First Author of the Month - October 2015

Winner of Movellas Fanfiction Royale Competition 2015 with "Infinity"

Winner of Movellas Battle of the Fandoms 2015 One Direction Category with "Labels"

Shortlisted twice on Movellas 10 of The Best One Direction Fanfictions for "Freedom" and "I Knew it Then" (2014)

Winner of BMA's best One Direction Fanfiction 2014 for "He's Inevitable"

Currently Working On:
○Royalty (AU)
○Five Days

Published on Amazon and Nook:
○The Poet's Guide to Heartbreak

On Hiatus:
○I Knew it Then

○Freedom (2013)
○She Taught Me How to Love (2014)
○All She Wants (2014)
○He's Inevitable (2015)
○Strawberries (2015)
○Infinity (2015)
○Kaleidoscope (2016)
○Labels (2016)

Instagram: zorgieplease (private) ohhipstaplease (public)
Twitter: zorgieplease


Made in the AM
A list with 2 stories by Oh Hipsta Please 0 Likes
Created 10 Jun 16 ●Last updated: 3 years ago

Basically a collection of songifcs based off the penning of One Direction's album Made in the AM.

She Taught Me Series
A list with 3 stories by Oh Hipsta Please 7 Likes
Created 7 Sep 14 ●Last updated: 5 years ago

So, this series is something really close to my heart. It started out with a typical cliched premise, but evolved into so much more! Thank you so much to all the readers and fans of my favorite works so far, it's meant the world to me :)