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writer | fangirl | dog mom

I've attended more One Direction concerts than my bank account could keep up with, and am obsessed with hockey, dogs, and writing. I'm also kind of in love with Harry Styles, oops.


Winner of the Harry Styles Competition with "Five Days" (2017)

Winner of the Rockin Lyrics Songfic Competition with "History" (2016)

Winner of the Bad Boy Fanfiction Competition with "Kaleidoscope" (2016)

Winner of Movellys 2015 Fanfiction Author of the Year

Winner of Movellys 2015 Fanfiction Movella of the Year with "Labels"

Movellas First Author of the Month - October 2015

Winner of Movellas Fanfiction Royale Competition 2015 with "Infinity"

Winner of Movellas Battle of the Fandoms 2015 One Direction Category with "Labels"

Shortlisted twice on Movellas 10 of The Best One Direction Fanfictions for "Freedom" and "I Knew it Then" (2014)

Winner of BMA's best One Direction Fanfiction 2014 for "He's Inevitable"

Currently Working On:
○Royalty (AU)
○Five Days

Published on Amazon and Nook:
○The Poet's Guide to Heartbreak

On Hiatus:
○I Knew it Then

○Freedom (2013)
○She Taught Me How to Love (2014)
○All She Wants (2014)
○He's Inevitable (2015)
○Strawberries (2015)
○Infinity (2015)
○Kaleidoscope (2016)
○Labels (2016)

Instagram: zorgieplease (private) ohhipstaplease (public)
Twitter: zorgieplease

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    Five Days is complete! Let me know what you thought in the comments, or if you think a sequel would be a good idea :)
    Five Days
    Five Days
    "What's the worst that could possibly happen? It's only five days."| As head assistant to late night talkshow host James Corden, Alicia Mendez has dealt with her fair share of obnoxious celebrities. So...
  • Oh Hipsta Please

    mumbled "Like me on Facebook!"

    Hi guys! I officially have an author's page up on facebook! Go check me out and give me a like :) facebook.com/ohhipstapleasee/

    Hope you're all doing well, and I can't wait to come back and finish up some movellas and start some new ones I've been planning :) You'll be hearing from me very soon!

  • Oh Hipsta Please

    mumbled "I'm Back!"


    Hi Everyone!

    So I have some exciting news to explain my long absence...

    I got married!

    Long story short now that all this wedding chaos is over I can hopefully write a little more. Anyways, here is a pic of our day for you all to enjoy.

    All the love as always <3
    3 years ago
    So happy for you oh my gosh !! You and your husband look so happy and amazing, wishing you happy and fruitful marriage <3
    3 years ago
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    This is so beautiful! Congratulations to you and your husband!
    3 years ago
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    Congratulations!! You both look stunning, I wish you both the best!! :)
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