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I'm a hardcore Michael girl and music is my escape from life.
Name- Too Holy to be Spread Around
Hair/Eye Color- Brown with platinum grey highlights
Relationship- In all aspects except physical, dating Michael Clifford (other than that I'm pringle af)
Fav from 5sos- Michael Clifford
Fav from 1d- Louis Tomlinson
I also got Wattpad now- LilMissLucifer

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    mumbled "Back and Better Than Ever!"

    I haven't been on here for a solid year :0 I've been so busy with newfound schoolwork and a bunch of other writing websites. I've reread my work on Movellas, and.... ouch. I plan on rewriting what I haven't gotten too far into, but as for stories like Not For Me, I may just continue it as is but with better writing, cos I'm not really about to rewrite over fifty chapters. I'll be polishing up all my stories, so stay tuned!
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    mumbled "Notice!"

    Okay! Posting this on all of my accounts!
    I'm sorry if I take a long/longer time to update, I'm currently updating all my stories, even unpublished ones. Plus, I want to make my chapters from here on out all at least 1000 words. There's good news in this, though! This also means that when I'm done, I can update all of them at once! So for the time being, I'll talk to ya soon! :)
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    mumbled "Oh myyyy"

    I haven't been on in so long :o
    I should change that...
    Plus I checked my stories.
    For a lack of better words, they were cringe af. I should change that, too :3
    2 years ago
    I'm on Wattpad and Quotev :)
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    mumbled "Yay! Quizzes!"

    Aight guys, so I found this website and made a quiz! I'll give you a shoutout in both of my books if you get over 50%! I'll also follow you if I haven't already :)
    3 years ago
    Ahhh i can't use the link! :( XD
    3 years ago
    Oh no!! D: try copying it and pasting it to google... I'll try it again soon! Thanks for telling me :)
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    mumbled "Shoutouts!"

    Hi, so I wanted to try out some shoutouts, so every week or so I'll pick from 3 of my readers, fans, etc and give them a shoutout. This first week, I would like to thank @[hailey051299] , @[Hoodie.Olivia] , and @[Angel Irwin] for letting me know how much you love my books! I'd like to dosmething for you guys, so if you have a fanfic that you want me to read, just message it to me. Thanks again!