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I am an ordinary country-girl who aspires to inspire and bring awareness to the people through words and writings. I am nine-and-ten who is quite obsessive about Jane Austen and her novels. I adore reading poetry, fiction, and non-fiction (which has that homey ambiance); I have reading moods especially when it's weekend, expect me out on the riverside every 2 o'clock in the afternoon when the sun is at its peak. I don't like bullies, but I like Draco Malfoy (I don't know why! Pardon me for this one xD) As everyone is a fan of Harry Potter, I am too. However, I admit I saw the movie first and tried reading the books a little later.

In this magical world of writers, I am looking forward to being writing buddies with y'all! Have a lovely day :D

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    mumbled "Back after 3 months"

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    It's been three months since I last visited this site. Movellas keeps on emailing me that they missed my face, it's sort of funny but it also brings warmth to me, like an embrace although I know it's only a generated email that keeps tracks of their inactive users, but still... I am just glad I am back. I also hope to be back in writing :) How about you? How are you guys doing?
    2 years ago
    Hey! Great that your back, I' alright U?
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